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Make money with MCA

Post by here4themoney on Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:21 am

I have tried many different ways to make money online and offline as well. Searching for ways to make money without having a regular 9-5 job and everything that comes with it like a boss and a time clock and a certain time to wake up and you can't leave until a certain time. I just need my freedom, those jobs don't work for me. I have found stuff that does work for me and one of them is MCA. MCA stands for Motor Club of America which is a company that provides insurance like benefits for it's paid members. These benefits are practical discounts people need, some discounts being as much as 100% for services like towing and locksmith service and if you run out of gas you are brought gas, as a club member you just sign and go and you don't have to own the car, you are covered in every vehicle. There are also Discounts on vision, dental and prescriptions, these discounts are 50% on average and accepted at most national chains like CVS. MCA benefits are great, I wont list them all here but you can find them here MCA benefits.

The way you make money is by sharing MCA with others. MCA is a great service, full of benefits that costs $19.95 per month for the total security plan. When you sign someone up for this plan you are paid an advance commission of $80. MCA pays you that much because they know most members will stay a member for a long time.

There are people on the internet who claim that MCA is a scam. I believe these are people who were told they could easily make thousands with a $20 a month investment. Well this isn't a sit back and just get rich program (when I find one of those I will let y'all know) You need to sign up others to get the $80, so you have to find them in some way and there are many many ways, I am sorta shy so I don't do any off line marketing like many others do, I like to use the internet to reach out and if you do end up joining as my signup I will share that knowledge with you. But believe me I have made a few hundred already and the person who I joined under has made $30,000 in about a year, she is a real go getter, and this job is like that, the more you work it , the more you make.

To get started you join from the TVC Website , this is the marketing arm of MCA, this is also where you as an associate get access to lots of training materials about marketing MCA. To Join the total protection plan you must pay your first and last month of membership, it will cost $39.90 total.

Helpful Links is an informative website that details information about he benefits and the pay of MCA. This is the link to join under me, by joining under me you will have access to me to give some guidance to you and also invite you into a few different closed facebook groups of successful people who also work with MCA, some of who have made thousands a week.


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